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Heim, the colourful restaurant which you cannot miss

Heim, the colourful restaurant which you cannot miss

When you are in Norway, you have to take a bite at Heim. The restaurant is located in Gjøvik, not too far from Oslo. The ambiance is absolutely wonderful. I bet, you have never seen anything like this before.

The interior of the restaurant

The interior exists of a huge mix-and-match. Most of the time when you mix-and-match, you are looking for the perfect match. But at Heim, they looked for the perfect mismatch. And all together, it is a perfect match.

Bold colour palette

The colour palette can easily be called bold. Very bold. They worked with soft pink, intense red, deep purple, black, warm orange, brown, and many more colours. Yes, all together! So, if you still think that different colours don’t match? Take a good look at these pictures and give it a second thought.

The toilettes

The toilettes are painted with Licetto in the colour Black. Licetto is a very good choice for a space like this, because it cannot be hurt by water, easy to clean and still has a very matt finish.

The salon

Comfy lounge chairs, sofas and even a chess play. Welcome at the salon. Here, you can sit next to the window and enjoy your view. The space is decorated with a lot of mismatches on the shelf. It gives the space that cosy home-feeling.

The salon is painted in warm pink (Skin Powder), dark brown on the ceiling and paneling (Chocolate Dreams), orange in the corner and on the heater (Topaze), grey doors (Elephant Skin) and oh look at that wonderful bright pink detail! Such a contrast with all the soft tones! This piece is painted with the colour Flamingo. Well, that’s a special door.


The bar

To give the bar that ‘old brown café’ feel, it is coloured with warm tints, like red (Lipstick), Ocre, brown (Praliné) and dark brown (Chocolate Dreams).
Did you know you can easily paint a heater? If you use a good quality lacquer, capable of being warmed up, like Pure & Original Traditional Paint, you can even paint surfaces like heaters in your favourite colour!


The restaurant

With an intro like above, the restaurant itself cannot stay behind.

At Heim, you dine surrounded by soft nude tones (Classico in the colour Skin Powder) and dark brown paneling on the wall (Traditional Paint in the colour Chocolate Dreams).

And at the room at the end… It is all blue. Yes, all. All the four walls are blue. All painted in the colour Majestic Cloth. A deep purple blue-ish colour, very rich with the golden details, big painting and big windows. As well very mysterious as it is almost black in the shadows. I hear you thinking ‘but what about the ceiling?’ Well, the ceiling is not white, no! What did you think? The ceiling is painted in a dark brown, the same as on the paneling and the door frames in the rest of the restaurant (it is Chocolate Dreams).