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Pure & Original pop-up store in Lillehammer

Pure & Original pop-up store in Lillehammer

Last year, Pure & Original opened its first pop-up store: the Pure & Original concept store, in Lillehammer, Norway. The store is setup by our Norwegian Pure & Original distributor Idar Stensvold and runned by interior stylist and colour expert Hana Alendar. When I was in Norway last month, I could not leave the country without paying them a visit.

The location of the concept store

The store is located in Lillehammer, in Norway. You may have heard of that city before, as the winter Olympics in 1992 took place there. Lillehammer is a small city around 2,5-hour drive from Oslo. The city is a popular holiday location, because of the history and the amazing nature. If you are visiting Oslo and Lillehammer, I recommend taking the train. It is a beautiful trip through nature, small villages and it brings an amazing view over the big lake.

Hana: ‘We have settled down on the second floor at the mall Strandtorget in Lillehammer. It is the only mall in this small Olympic city.’ ‘The first time we were visiting for the location, we felt in love with this place’, she continues. ‘We love the light up here, that gets our colours to look the way they are, there is no light pollution by yellow lightning or so.

We have a good spot, seen from the whole second floor and people sitting in the cafeteria at the first floor can also have a sneak peek of our shop. We have no doors in the shop, as mentioned, it is a pop-up store, and a showroom also.’

Visiting the shop for advice and paint

Hana is in the shop two-three days a week, customers can come over and visit when she is present. ‘We have a mix- and a shaking machine, so we can mix the paint right away’ Hana tells. ‘We have a cabinet filled up with bases what we need to mix the paint, and you can also pay here. It’s just like a real Star Dealer shop!’

It is also possible to make an appointment to meet Hana at the shop, outside opening hours. Not only those two-three days when Hana is here, but also other weekdays.

The shop

‘We have a meeting table with three comfortable chairs where we can sit and talk about paint and colours.’ Hana explains. ‘I always recommend taking pictures of the rooms. In this way we can sit down and make a collage of different colours and create a totally new sphere for the interior.’

Star Dealer store

Idar: ‘The pop-up store is the first Pure & Original concept store in the world. It is runned as a regular Star Dealer store, meaning Hana can mix the paint right away, special for you. Together with Hana we planned the shop and we are very happy with the result!’

To make an appointment, contact Hana: