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How to create a blue Tadelakt look wall with lime paint

Almost every day I get questions on how I created the blue wall in my old bedroom. So, I decided to write a blog about it, explaining every step in the progress. Let’s go!

Blue colour in the bedroom

At first, I’d like to explain why I like the colour blue in the bedroom. Blue is a cool, clean colour. It is quiet, peaceful and no-nonsense. With these qualities, blue is a great colour for in the bedroom.  

Combine blue with other colours

I wanted the bedroom to be quiet. That made me decide to combine the dark blue with a soft grey (Pure & Original Classico colour Ashes) and clean white (Pure & Original Classico colour Silk White). The white is special, as it is a white on blue base. Making it even more white then normal white. It will not get yellowish (even with the light on!) and fits perfectly into the cool vibe.

Painting the wall with lime paint

What you need:
Pure & Original WallPrim (I used the colour Steel Blue)
Pure & Original Fresco (I used the colour Steel Blue)
Roller and/or brush for the WallPrim
Pure & Original lime paint brush

Step 1. Fill up holes and sand uneven parts. When the filler is dry, sand the reparation spots as well so they blend in with the wall perfectly. You may have to fill the holes more than one time if they are big holes. Sometimes the filler shrinks so you have to fill some more.

Step 2. Clean the wall of dust, grease and everything which is not supposed to be on a wall. Make sure it is clean and let it dry.

Step 3. Open up your primer and stir well. I used WallPrim in the same colour as the Fresco lime paint. Apply the primer with a roller or brush. I never use tape, but if you like to use tape, feel free. Let the WallPrim dry recording the instructions.

Step 4. Open up your lime paint and stir well. Make sure all the pigments are removed from the bottom. Stir in circles and also from down to up. Repeat stirring.
When you use multiple cans of the same paint and colour, add them together in one big paint bucket. You can add a bit of water. I didn’t. But you can, if you like. Water will bring up more of the lime, so the nuances will be more visible. Meaning, too much water can result in white ‘spots’.

Step 5. Here comes the fun! Grab your big lime paint brush and go crazy! You can create your own texture. Go from up to down, from left to right, in waves, or, as I did, criss cross. Criss cross is like painting stars. I put my brush in the paint can, apply the paint in a big dot or stroke on the wall and then I keep spreading the paint into all directions until it is even spread out.
Make sure you work quite fast, you have to work with wet paint. Meaning you cannot start with edges and then fill in the squire, you have to work in what I like to call clouds.
For example, start in the right up corner with cloud 1, paint until you are half way down, and go back up, and paint down for 3/4 of the wall (cloud 2). Then go back to the first cloud and paint the lower ½ of the wall. Then go back up and start cloud 3, go back to cloud 2 and paint down until you are almost down, then back to 3, finish 2, start 4, and on and on.
Make sure your clouds are never the same with or height. This way you will have uneven parts, meaning you will not see any painting blocks!

Step 6. Let it dry. Get a coffee. Get some sleep.

Step 7. Repeat step 5 and 6.

If you want, you can finish the wall with a sealer so it can easily be cleaned. Will be very handy when you like to try this in the kitchen or bathroom. But it’s not needed in the bedroom.
And that’s it! I hope this will help you creating your own stunning wall. And don’t forget, have some fun and be creative! Don’t try to make it perfect, it is meant to be a bit messy.