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For the true colour lovers: Luck Oslo

For the true colour lovers: Luck Oslo

If you are in for a colourful experience, hereby I introduce to you: Luck Oslo! Luck is a new concept store in Løkka, Oslo. The shop is founded and ran by the creative duo Jojo Champfleur and John André Hanøy. Let’s go on a colour tour!

Various assortment

Having an assortment as at Luck, you can never stop looking. From vases, interior accessories, shoes, designer clothing ‘till the everlasting love for plants. It is all there. I have to admit, it kinda feels like heaven. Everything is só beautiful! The designs and fabrics are amazing – and around every corner another surprise is waiting.

The colour design

Well, yes, that’s just great. The colour design is done perfectly, by colour designer Dagny Fargestudio. Dagny has chosen for a combination of lime paint and chalk paint in various colours like yellow, pale green, green/blue-ish, pink and a hidden dark red in the changing room.

The shop is truly shining. You just cannot remove the smile of your face walking into Luck.

Experimental painting

If you take a good look at the pictures, you can see that the spaces are not painted the regular way. The ceilings are in a full, rich shade (Classico), and the walls are dripping in lighter colours. This effect is accomplished by using lime paint (Fresco) and also mixing the chalk paint (Classico) with water to make it more easy to flow. And also to create multiple layers of paint on top of each other, while still seeing the colours beneath.


Picture 1 – Blue walls ceiling in Classico colour Poetic Blue.

Picture 2&3 – Yellow ceiling in Classico Golden Majesty, walls in Fresco Golden Majesty, doorframe in Carazzo Belgian Wilderness.

Picture 4 – Green wall in Fresco colour Poetic Blue.

The barbershop

I was like, ‘is this for real?, is this part of the shop as well?’ “You’re kidding me”. But YES there is a barber shop at the end! How cool! Seriously, this is something I. did. not. expect. Truly. But it is so good!

Walls in Classico colour Old Rose, ceiling in Classico colour Courtly Rose.

Colour combinations

Though all the colours are very different, together they make a very good mix. Personally, the yellow and pale green is my favourite combination. It combines very lovely with a soft pink, orange and natural tones like wood and plants.

Dripping paint on the wall is Fresco in Golden Majesty, yellow ceiling is Classico in Golden Majesty, pale green on the walls is Classico in Olive Drab.