Small vase Pebble Brown


This small vase, hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel, features a unique Pebble Brown glaze with a matte finish and captivating color nuances. Designed to hold up to a few dried flowers, it adds a rustic touch to any space. Please note, this vessel is not glazed on the inside and cannot hold water.

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Clay: White
Colour: White
Glaze: Studio glaze Pebble Brown
Dishwasher safe: This glaze is formulated by Iris Floor Ceramics, find out more here

This is a handmade item, please handle this product with care. Each item is unique and may differ from the image shown. Products can be affected by use with (corrosive) substances or food and chemicals during cleaning such as in the dishwasher.

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8 cm

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