Vase Forest


A vase named FOREST. This name truly befits the vase: it’s new but looks as if it has been nestled in the woods for years. All the shades of the forest are reflected on the vase: various hues of green, red/brown, yellow, gray, and black.

The vase is crafted from white-baking Raku clay and then fired in a Raku kiln. Through this special firing technique, the copper glaze has turned deep green in some areas and rusty red in others. After a cooling period, the vase is adorned with horsehair, which instantly burns onto the hot surface, leaving behind beautiful organic patterns. The black / gray color on the unglazed clay is attributed to the smoke emitted during the burning of wood chips in the smoke chamber.

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Clay: White
Colour: White
Glaze: Diverse Raku glazes (food safe)
Dishwasher safe: According to the glaze supplier, this glaze is dishwasher safe
Food-safe: According to the glaze supplier, this glaze is food-safe

Additional information about the Raku collection: This object is not waterproof. Planning to use it as a vase for fresh flowers? Then, place a (jam) jar or a glass inside.

This is a handmade item, please handle this product with care. Each item is unique and may differ from the image shown. Products can be affected by use with (corrosive) substances or food and chemicals during cleaning such as in the dishwasher.

Additional information

Dimensions 13 × 10 cm