Lungo cup UMAMI


An elegant cup designed for freshly brewed coffee or other delicious treats. Similar to many pieces in the UMAMI series, this medium-sized cup has a tapered shape with a small base at the bottom. The interior and top edge of the cup feature an intense black glaze with a glossy finish. This unique glaze contains tiny air bubbles that are not discernible to the naked eye but beautifully capture sunlight, resulting in an intense luster.

Clay: Nigra
Colour: Black
Glaze: Obsidian (food safe)
Dishwasher safe: According to the glaze supplier, this glaze is dishwasher safe
Food-safe: According to the glaze supplier, this glaze is food-safe

Extra information about Nigra clay: This clay variant is sensitive to temperature changes, posing a risk of breakage. It is advisable to handwash items made from this type of clay and to be cautious with (very) hot water or other warm liquids and temperature shocks.

This is a handmade item, please handle this product with care. Each item is unique and may differ from the image shown. Products can be affected by use with (corrosive) substances or food and chemicals during cleaning such as in the dishwasher.

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Weight 0,320 kg
Dimensions 8 × 9,5 cm