Serie – Raku

Raku ceramics

Forged by flames! Smooth glaze adorned with the unique and distinctive black craquelure. One certainty: it's consistently different and uniquely individual every time.

Products fired using the Raku firing technique are removed from the kiln at 1,000 degrees and rapidly cooled, causing the glaze to crack and create the characteristic black fissures. The black colour develops as the items cool in a barrel filled with wood shavings, which ignite due to the extreme heat, creating a unique spectacle. After a brief burn, the barrel is covered to extinguish the fire, with the smoke adhering to the open cracks, giving them a black hue.

Combining the Raku firing technique with a smoke barrel results in all unglazed areas turning black. Different effects are achieved by using transparent glaze on white or red clay, as well as various glaze colors and finishes.

New pieces may initially have a smoky odor that fades over time. While we strive to clean items thoroughly, some may still release soot, which is harmless but should be handled with care around clothing.

While items from the Raku series can be used for food, they are not officially recommended due to craquelure potentially allowing moisture to pass through. It’s advisable to use a waterproof inner vessel for vases and coasters for mugs to prevent rings.

Handwashing recommended

We suggest washing items from this series by hand.